American Presidents

C-SPAN's 2000 Survey of Presidential Leadership

How Did The Presidents Rate?

Seal of the President of the U.S. As the final element of our yearlong American Presidents series, C-SPAN conducted a Survey of Presidential Leadership, in which historians & viewers participated online.

The survey rated 10 qualities of presidential leadership established by our advisory team, including each president's effectiveness within the context of our nation's changing expectations of the presidency. We sent the survey to the approximately 90 historians and presidential experts who've participated in our series and/or our Booknotes program and made the same survey available to viewers online. We also offered a brief "Quick Pick" version online.

There are three result pages:

  • Click below on Historian Survey Results to see the full survey with overall rankings & total scores for each President.
  • Click below on Quick Pick Survey Results to get the "Top Ten" and "Bottom Five" chief executives as selected by viewers.

Read the C-SPAN News Release about the survey results.

View the list of historians and presidential experts who participated.

The C-SPAN Survey of Presidential Leadership was crafted by a team of four historians and academics who have been deeply involved in the American Presidents series-Douglas Brinkley of the Eisenhower Center, Edna Greene Medford of Howard University, Richard Norton Smith of the Ford Library, and John Splaine of the University of Maryland. More information on the survey team.

Historian Survey Results

Quick Pick Survey Results

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