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He was elected Governor of Arkansas for five terms.
He is known for appointing minorities and women to high-level positions.
Warren Christopher and later Madeleine Albright served as his Secretaries of State.
During his term, the federal budget was balanced.


Bill Clinton
(August 19, 1946 - )

Life Facts

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First Lady: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Wife
Number of Children: 1
Education Level: Graduate
School Attended: Georgetown University, Oxford, Yale University
Religion: Baptist
Profession: Professor, Lawyer

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1993 - 1/20/2001
Presidency Number: 42
Number of Terms: 2
Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd term
Party: Democratic
His Vice President(s): Albert Gore
Governor of a State: Arkansas (1979-1981), Arkansas (1983-1992)
Other Offices: Attorney General of Arkansas
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Hope, Arkansas
Museum: William J. Clinton Presidential Center
Library: William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
Other Sites: William J. Clinton Foundation

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Inaugural Address
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