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He was the oldest person elected president, and survived an assassination attempt shortly after he became President.
He was the first Hollywood actor to be elected president.
He appointed the first woman to the supreme court, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
He sent United States soldiers into Grenada and commanded soldiers out of Lebanon.


Ronald Reagan
(February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Nancy Reagan, Wife
Wife's Maiden Name: Nancy Davis
Other Marriages: Jane Wyman
Number of Children: 4
Education Level: College
School Attended: Eureka College
Religion: Presbyterian
Profession: Military, Radio Announcer, Actor
Military Service: Captain - Army

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1981 - 1/20/1989
Presidency Number: 40
Number of Terms: 2
Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd term
Party: Republican
His Vice President(s): George Bush
Governor of a State: California (1967-1975)
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Birthplace: Ronald Reagan Birthplace
Gravesite: Ronald Reagan Library and Museum
Museum: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Home: Reagan Ranch
Library: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

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Inaugural Address
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