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• He was an assistant football coach at Yale, played football at the University of Michigan and turned down offers to play for the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.
• He is the only president not to have been elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency.
• He issued Richard Nixon a presidential pardon in 1974.
• He declared amnesty to Vietnam War resisters.


Gerald R. Ford
(July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006)

Life Facts

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• First Lady: Elizabeth Anne Ford, Wife
• Wife's Maiden Name: Elizabeth Anne Bloomer
• Number of Children: 4
• Education Level: Graduate
• School Attended: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Yale University
• Religion: Episcopalian
• Profession: Military, Lawyer
• Military Service: Lieutenant Commander

Public Service:
• Dates of Presidency: 8/9/1974 - 1/20/1977
• Presidency Number: 38
• Number of Terms: 1
• Why Presidency Ended: Defeated
• Party: Republican
• His Vice President(s): Nelson Rockefeller
• Vice President For: Richard M. Nixon (1973-1974)
• House of Representatives: Michigan (1949-1973)
• Other Offices: House Minority Leader
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: President Ford's Birthsite Gardens
Gravesite: Gerald R. Ford Museum
Library: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum

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Inaugural Address
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