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While he was in the White House, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and Medicare were signed into law.
His administration was known as "The Great Society," despite nation-wide anti-war protests.
During his term, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated.
Before becoming a politican, he taught school in rural Texas.


Lyndon B. Johnson
(August 27, 1908 - January 22, 1973)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson, Wife
Number of Children: 2
Education Level: College
School Attended: Southwest Texas State University
Religion: Disciple of Christ
Profession: Military, Teacher
Military Service: Lieutenant Cmdr.

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 11/22/1963 - 1/20/1969
Presidency Number: 36
Number of Terms: 1
Why Presidency Ended: Left end 1st term
Party: Democratic
His Vice President(s): Hubert H. Humphrey
Vice President For: John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)
Senator: Texas (1949-1961)
House of Representatives: Texas (1937-1949)
Other Offices: Director of National Youth Administration (TX)
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
Gravesite: Johnson Ranch
Library: Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum

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