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Dwight D.Eisenhower
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He was a graduate of West Point, the United States Military Academy and later became President of Columbia University.
He was the allied commander of the D-Day invasion.
He was responsible for the creation of NASA


Dwight D. Eisenhower
(October 14, 1890 - March 28, 1969)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Marie "Mamie" Geneva Doud Eisenhower, Wife
Number of Children: 2
Education Level: College
School Attended: United States Military Academy, Command & General Staff School
Religion: Presbyterian
Profession: Military, President of Columbia University
Military Service: General (5 star)

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1953 - 1/20/1961
Presidency Number: 34
Number of Terms: 2
Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd term
Party: Republican
His Vice President(s): Richard M. Nixon
Other Offices: Supreme Commander of NATO
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Park
Gravesite: Eisenhower Library and Museum
Home: Eisenhower National Historic Site
Library: Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum

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Inaugural Address
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