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Six states entered the United States during his administration: ND, SD, MT, ID, WY and WA.
Although he did not win the popular vote in his election, he won the vote of the electoral college.
Electric lights were installed in the White House during his term. His wife never turned them on because she was frightened of the switches.
He is the only president who is the grandson of another president (see William Henry Harrison).


Key Events in the Administration

Benjamin Harrison
(August 20, 1833 - March 13, 1901)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison, Wife
Wife's Maiden Name: Caroline Scott
Other Marriages: Mary Scott Lord Dimmick
Number of Children: 3
Education Level: College
School Attended: Miami University - Oxford (OH)
Religion: Presbyterian
Profession: Military, Lawyer, Supreme Court Reporter (IN)
Military Service: Brigadier General

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1889 - 3/3/1893
Presidency Number: 23
Number of Terms: 1
Why Presidency Ended: Defeated
Party: Republican
His Vice President(s): Levi P. Morton
Senator: Indiana (1881-1887)
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Benjamin Harrison Birthplace/ William Henry Harrison Home
Gravesite: Crown Hill Cemetery
Home: President Benjamin Harrison Home

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