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Each of his three children died before he was president and before reaching adolescence.
During his term, Kansas was known as "Bloody Kansas" due to the state's intense turmoil over the issue of slavery.
He was the first president to memorize his inaugural address and recite it from memory.
He was responsible for the Gadsden Purchase which brought New Mexico and part of Arizona into the United States.


Key Events in the Administration

Franklin Pierce
(November 23, 1804 - October 8, 1869)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Jane Means Appleton Pierce, Wife
Wife's Maiden Name: Jane Appleton
Number of Children: 3
Education Level: College
School Attended: Bowdoin College
Religion: Episcopalian
Profession: Military, Lawyer
Military Service: Brigadier General

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1853 - 3/3/1857
Presidency Number: 14
Number of Terms: 1
Why Presidency Ended: Not nominated
Party: Democratic
His Vice President(s): William R. King
Senator: New Hampshire (1837-1842)
House of Representatives: New Hampshire (1833-1837)
State Legislative Service: NH (1829-1833)
Other Offices: Speaker of the New Hampshire State Legislature
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: The Pierce Homestead
Gravesite: Old North Cemetery
Home: Pierce Manse

Reference Material

Inaugural Address
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