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Did You Know?

• He signed the Compromise Measure of 1850, which included the Fugitive Slave Act.
• He authorized Matthew C. Perry's trip to Japan, which helped open trade with Japan.
• He ran again in 1856 on the Know-Nothing ticket.
• He signed the Compromise of 1850 as an alternative to war, but it alienated both sides nonetheless. However, it did stave off war for 10 years.


Key Events in the Administration

Millard Fillmore
(January 7, 1800 - March 8, 1874)

Life Facts

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• First Lady: Abigail Fillmore, Wife
• Wife's Maiden Name: Abigail Powers
• Other Marriages: Caroline McIntosh
• Number of Children: 2
• Education Level: No College
• School Attended: No College
• Religion: Unitarian
• Profession: Apprentice to a cloth dresser, Apprentice to a wool carder, Military, Lawyer
• Military Service: Major

Public Service:
• Dates of Presidency: 7/10/1850 - 3/3/1853
• Presidency Number: 13
• Number of Terms: 1
• Why Presidency Ended: Not nominated
• Party: Whig
• His Vice President(s): None
• Vice President For: Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)
• House of Representatives: New York (1833-1835), New York (1837-1843)
• State Legislative Service: NY (1829-1831)
• Other Offices: Comptroller of New York
Methodology and Resources

Presidential Places

Birthplace: Millard Fillmore Birthplace
Gravesite: Forest Lawn Cemetery
Museum: Fillmore House Museum
Other Sites: Fillmore Glen State Park

Reference Material

Inaugural Address
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