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• He was nicknamed "His Accidency," due to the way in which he assumed office.
• He was known as a president without a party, and was threatened with impeachment by both the Whigs and the Democratic party.
• He was known as a political outlaw, and named his home "Sherwood Forest."
• He was the first president to be widowed and re-married.


Key Events in the Administration

John Tyler
(March 29, 1790 - January 18, 1862)

Life Facts

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• First Lady: Priscilla Cooper Tyler, daughter-in-law
• Wife's Maiden Name: Letitia Christian
• Other Marriages: Julia Gardiner
• Number of Children: 15
• Education Level: College
• School Attended: College of William and Mary
• Religion: Episcopalian
• Profession: Military, Lawyer
• Military Service: Captain

Public Service:
• Dates of Presidency: 4/6/1841 - 3/3/1845
• Presidency Number: 10
• Number of Terms: 1
• Why Presidency Ended: Left after 1st term
• Party: Whig
• His Vice President(s): None
• Vice President For: William Henry Harrison (1841-1841)
• Senator: Virginia (1827-1836)
• House of Representatives: Virginia (1816-1821)
• Governor of a State: Virginia (1825-1827)
• State Legislative Service: VA (1811-1816)
• Other Offices: Virginia House of Delegates
Methodology and Resources

Presidential Places

Birthplace: Greenway
Gravesite: Hollywood Cemetery
Other Sites: Sherwood Forest

Reference Material

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