American Presidents

Harry S. Truman

The Truman Cluster poster

Grade Level: 7th Grade


  • To learn about Harry S. Truman

  • To distinguish main ideas from supporting details when reading a biography.

  • To create a cluster poster that shows knowledge of President Truman's life.

  • To create a cluster poster that is creative and visually pleasing.

  • To practice word processing and desktop publishing skills.

  • To make a written plan for completing this long-range assignment on time.

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Directions for Students:

1. Choose a biography about Harry S. Truman to read. With approval, you may read particular sections of a very long book. A list of suggested biographies is below, but you are not limited to these titles.

2. Make a written plan for this long-range assignment. Be specific. How long will it take you to read your book? How many days will you need to complete your poster?

3. Design a cluster poster about Harry S. Truman based on information from your biography. Specific directions for the cluster poster are on the following page.

Suggested Biographies:

1. A Photobiography: Harry S. Truman (Great Americans)

2. Farber, Doris Harry Truman

3. Farley, Karin C. Harry Truman: The Man From Independence

4. Ferrell, Robert H. Harry S. Truman: His Life on the Family Farms

5. Fleming, Thomas Harry S. Truman, President

6. Greenberg, Morrie The Buck Stops Here: A Biography of Harry Truman

7. Hargrove, Jim Harry S. Truman (Encyclopedia of Presidents)

8. Kelley, Frank K. Harry Truman and the Human Family

9. Melton, David Harry S. Truman: The Man Who Walked With Giants

10. McCullough, David Truman

11. Morris, Jeffrey The Truman Way

12. O'Neal, Michael President Truman and the Atomic Bomb

13. Robbins, Charles Last of His Kind: An Informal Portrait of Harry S. Truman

14. Robbins, Jhan Bess & Harry: An American Love Story

Cluster Poster Directions:

Seven clusters are needed:

1. Title and Author - in the center of your poster
2. Name, Date, and Section - in the upper right corner
3-7. Five clusters of your choice (see suggestions below)

  • When creating your poster, use phrases for information and capitalize the first word. Use bullets to designate items on the list.

  • Use bold capital letters for cluster titles.

  • Type information in a readable font (at least 12 point).

  • Use tag board, foam board, or a combination of materials. Be creative. Make your poster visually attractive.

    Bonus: You may add one or two clusters of information you found interesting.

    Suggested Clusters:
    Generate a list of possible clusters with students. Clusters suggested by St. Paul's students were:


    Building the Truman Library

    1948 Campaign Strategies


    Contributions as a Senator




    Interesting Facts

    Military Career


    Personality Traits

    Places Truman Lived



    Relationship with Bess

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