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Career Paths to the Presidency

State Legislature
How can the State Legislature be a path to the presidency?

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John Tyler
State Legislator from Virginia:

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Calvin Coolidge
State Legislator from Massachusetts:

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John Tyler served at many levels of government, like a more famous Virginian leader, Thomas Jefferson. In fact Tyler's father was a friend of Jefferson's and a governor of Virginia himself. While Tyler inherited his political and family connections, he also shared Jefferson's and Virginians' preference for state's rights. Among the many public roles that Tyler held in his home state, he first served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1811-1816.












Calvin Coolidge was shy and was not expected to pursue or succeed in politics, a career that required "glad-handing." Despite his reputation as "Silent Cal" he worked hard at campaigning and met with success by going door to door and learning the electorate's concerns first-hand. He served in the Massachusetts State Senate from 1912-1915.

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