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Career Paths to the Presidency

How can the Governorship be a path to the presidency?

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Vice President
Cabinet US House
Governor US Supreme Court
Cont. Congress State Legislature
Military Colonial Legislature

Rutherford B. Hayes
Governor of Ohio
1868-1872 &

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Jimmy Carter
Governor of Georgia

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Rutherford B. Hayes at the onset of his service as Ohio's governor in 1868, had a sometimes adversarial relationship with the state's general assembly. He has been called one of the first "modern governors" because he worked on behalf of the people and advanced issues of concern to the people in his state: canals, education, social services, and balancing the budget.





Jimmy Carter achieved national prominence as governor in the early 1970's by addressing an issue that was central in Georgia and other southern states: integration. However, according to some, Carter did not have the required knowledge of the Washington "game" needed to succeed in the presidency.

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