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Persian Gulf

Make the connection between President George W. Bush and the Persian Gulf War.

George W. Bush
from American Presidents

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George Bush saw the military engagement in the Persian Gulf as a war of morals and ideology. Bush set Operation Desert Storm into motion in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Looking back, the former president believes the U.S. action in the Persian Gulf showed that brutality and unjust invasion were not permissible under the Bush administration.

Howard Zinn
from Booknotes

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Author Howard Zinn describes how he would have handled the crisis in the Persian Gulf in order to avoid war with Iraq. He criticizes the "non-negotiable" ultimatum stance the Bush administration took in its dealings with Saddam Hussein. Zinn suggests a diplomatic solution would have minimized the number of casualties suffered during the conflict in 1991.

BOOKNOTES, March 12, 2000 Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States 1492-present

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