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Shaping the Nation and the Presidency
1960 First Televised Presidential Debate

The Louisiana Purchase

The Trail of Tears

The Fugitive Slave Law

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18th Amendment Repealed

First Televised Presidential

Civil Rights Act

Persian Gulf

Make the connection between Presidents Kennedy and Nixon and the first televised presidential debate.

John F. Kennedy
from American Presidents

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John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon participated in the first live, televised debate as a part of the campaign of 1960. Those who watched the telecast thought Kennedy had won, largely because he looked calm, physically in control, and attractive, whereas Nixon had a 5 o'clock shadow and appeared nervous. Those who listened to the debate on the radio thought Nixon had won.

Ayn Rand
from American Writers

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Because of its ability to reach so many people, television had an impact on American culture-even more so than writers like Ayn Rand could. It was a way of connecting one part of the country to the other, thus minimizing cultural and regional differences. Television was an avenue for bringing the nation together.

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