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    First Lady: Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, Wife

    Wife's Maiden Name:
    Edith Carow

    Other Wife:
    Alice Hathaway Lee
    Number of Children: 6

    Education Level: College

    School Attended:
    Harvard University

    Religion: Dutch Reformed

    Writer, Military

    Military Service:

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 9/14/1901 - 3/3/1909

    Presidency Number: 26

    Number of Terms: 2

    Why Presidency Ended: End of term

    Party: Republican

    His Vice President(s): None, Charles Fairbanks

    Vice President For: William McKinley (1901-1901)

    Governor of a State: Missouri (1935-1945)

    State Legislative Service: NY (1882-1884)

    Other Offices: US Civil Service Commission; President of New York Police Board; Assistant Secretary of Navy

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    Did You Know?

    He made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which led to the end of World War II.
    His started his career as a banker in Missouri.
    He presided over the Korean War.
    He approved the creation of NATO.

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    Theodore Roosevelt Program
    Video Clip List
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:11 4:49 1) The teddy bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt
    2) The birth place and date of Theodore Roosevelt
    3) Theodore Roosevelt was considered an animated public speaker
    4) At Harvard, Theodore Roosevelt excelled in all his classes and was the campus' lightweight boxing champion
    5) Roosevelt met his first wife Alice Hathaway Lee in his senior year in college and they married October 27 1880
    6) February 14 1884, Alice died in childbirth complications
    7) Theodore Roosevelt's mother died the same day in the same house
    8) In 1886, Roosevelt married Edith Kermit Carow and they had five children together
    9) During the Spanish American War in 1898, Roosevelt and his troops were known as the Rough Riders
    10) Roosevelt worked in the state and federal government, as commissioner of the New York City police board and governor of New York state
    11) Roosevelt served as William McKinley's vice president from March 1901 to September 14, 1901
    12) At 42 years old Roosevelt was sworn in as president after the assassination of McKinley
    13) In the winter Roosevelt enjoyed skinny dipping in the icy waters of the Potomac
    14) Roosevelt was elected to a second term and served from March 1905 until March 1909
    15) In 1912 Roosevelt made an unsuccessful third attempt to run for president on the Bull Moose ticket
    16) Roosevelt died January 6, 1919 at his home in Oyster Bay, NY
    2 5:50 5:56 Roosevelt's home is now run by the national park service and is open to the public
    3 8:40 9:37 Theodore Roosevelt audio of him speaking from 1912
    4 9:40 10:48 Description of Roosevelt's oratorical style
    5 12:57 13:10 Was Theodore Roosevelt the youngest president to ever take office?
    6 13:47 15:30 Explanation of the circumstances behind the attempted assasination of Roosevelt
    7 15:42 16:52 Who is Alice Roosevelt Longworth?
    8 16:53 17:26 The author's favorite Alice Roosevelt Longworth story
    9 18:03 18:32 A description of the circumstances around President McKinley's death
    10 18:33 19:15 A description of the aftermath of President McKinley's death
    11 20:11 21:36 A description of Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration ceremony
    12 21:36 22:14 The five locations other than DC where a presidential inauguration has taken place
    13 23:15 25:21 The artifacts most closely connected with Theodore Roosevelt
    14 29:20 29:48 Roosevelt as an imperialistic thinker
    15 32:53 36:41 Roosevelt, the Russo-Japanese War, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Morocco Crisis
    16 36:50 40:47 Roosevelt and the Jamaica incident of January 1907
    17 45:14 46:41 Writer William Tilchin, author of Theodore Roosevelt and the British Empire, discusses the underlying themes of his book
    18 46:51 47:13 An explanation of Roosevelt and the significance of his Anglo-American relationship
    19 52:09 53:18 Roosevelt's relationship with the British government
    20 59:39 1:00:50 Roosevelt and his conflicting friendship with Henry Cabot Lodge
    21 1:01:52 1:01:53 Tilchin's thoughts on the personal characteristics of Roosevelt
    22 1:07:27 1:07:39 Roosevelt's birthplace
    23 1:08:17 1:08:43 Roosevelt and his family
    24 1:09:37 1:09:57 A discussion on the clothes Roosevelt wore during the assassination attempt
    25 1:11:56 1:12:28 Author Betty Boyd Caroli discusses Roosevelt's sister Bamie Roosevelt
    26 1:12:47 1:14:03 A discussion on Roosevelt's sister Corinne
    27 1:14:04 1:14:44 A look at the influence of Bamie and Corinne Roosevelt on Eleanor Roosevelt
    28 1:15:04 1:16:15 A discussion on Roosevelt's 2nd wife Edith Carrow
    29 1:21:57 1:22:03 Theodore Roosevelt's home
    30 1:24:25 1:25:22 Theodore Roosevelt as a campaigner
    31 1:26:18 1:28:34 Roosevelt as a scholar
    32 1:34:54 1:35:55 A discussion of Roosevelt's hunting habits
    33 1:43:00 1:43:57 Theodore Roosevelt in his own words
    34 1:44:31 1:46:04 A discussion on Theodore Roosevelt Sr
    35 1:46:57 1:48:18 A discussion of Roosevelt's early decision to decline the nomination for the presidency
    36 1:48:50 l:49:44 A more in-depth look at Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt
    37 1:49:47 1:51:23 A discussion of the history of the relationship between Theodore Roosevelt and his second wife Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt
    38 1:52:53 1:53:13 Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
    39 1:53:29 1:55:08 A discussion on Roosevelt and the Congressional Medal of Honor
    40 1:57:11 1:58:09 A look at the family relationship between Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    41 1:58:15 1:59:18 A comparison of the political philosophies of Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt
    42 2:07:08 2:07:41 Theodore Roosevelt's thoughts on Winston Churchill
    43 2:09:44 2:10:40 Roosevelt's interest in the West
    44 2:11:26 1:13:01 Edmund Morris author of The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt discusses Roosevelt's greatest accomplishments and failures
    45 2:13:44 2:14:50 An introduction of the Roosevelt children
    46 2:16:14 2:16:58 The Roosevelt children in their adult years
    47 2:27:04 2:27:58 Theodore Roosevelt's views on religion
    48 2:29:45 2:32:25 A discussion on Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal
    49 2:33:00 2:33:48 A look at the roles Theodore and Edith Roosevelt played in renovating the White House
    50 2:36:06 2:37:17 A discussion Roosevelt's attitude towards Native Americans
    51 2:43:08 2:44:37 A look at Roosevelt's relationship with Booker T. Washington
    52 2:45:23 2:46:53 Roosevelt's years as a police commissioner
    54 2:46:59 2:47:27 A discussion on Roosevelt's public service career
    55 2:47:34 2:48:47 Kermit Roosevelt's suicide
    56 2:59:19 3:01:45 Background information on Theodore Roosevelt
    57 3:02:39 3:05:02 The circumstances around Theodore Roosevelt's decision to run for a third term
    58 3:11:00 3:12:30 Executive Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, John Gable, discusses Theodore Roosevelt's relationship with William Howard Taft
    59 3:14:16 3:14:41 Gable discusses Roosevelt's sense of humor
    60 3:14:48 3:16:02 Gable discusses the Theodore Roosevelt Association
    61 3:16:10 3:16:29 Gable discusses Theodore Roosevelt's popularity among the American people
    62 3:16:42 3:18:27 A look at Theodore Roosevelt's influence on future presidential duties
    63 3:20:27 3:22:37 A discussion on Roosevelt's relationship with big business and the trust
    64 3:24:18 3:25:43 A look at the historical works of Theodore Roosevelt
    65 3:27:09 3:28:51 A look at Theodore Roosevelt's eating patterns
    66 3:29:07 3:30:13 A discussion on Theodore Roosevelt's athleticism
    67 3:31:09 3:31:31 A discussion on Roosevelt's founding of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
    68 3:41:18 3:42:54 A look at Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
    69 3:42:54 3:44:06 A look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    70 3:46:51 3:47:42 Gable discusses Roosevelt's views on multiculturalism
    71 3:48:38 3:49:00 Roosevelt's presidential campaign in 1904
    72 3:49:01 3:50:37 Roosevelt's presidential campaign in 1912
    73 3:53:50 3:54:35 Gable's view on the shortcomings of the Roosevelt administration
    74 3:57:20 3:59:38 A look at the circumstances surrounding Theodore Roosevelt's death
    75 3:59:43 4:01:06 A discussion on Roosevelt's funeral
    76 4:02:31 4:03:54 A look at Roosevelt's foreign policy
    77 4:04:50 4:05:14 A description of the kind of country Roosevelt left

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