American Presidents

Richard Nixon
Richard M. Nixon Elementary School
Student Questions

1. Have you visited the White House? If so, did you like it and did you visit often? What does the White House look like inside? Did you ever live in the White House with your brother's family? If so, how long? Did you travel with your brother? Did you attend the president's wedding?

2. What games did you and your brother play as boys? Did you have animals on the farm where you lived? What was the president's favorite sport? What were his hobbies or favorite kinds of music? Which radio programs did your brothers like to listen to? Did your brother have a favorite teacher? Did he like any special foods? Did the Nixon brothers fight a lot when you were growing up? Did President Nixon ever get in trouble when he was a boy? Was your brother a good student? Was he popular?

3. Did President Nixon read a lot?

4. Did you look up to your brothers when you were a child? Did you and your brothers have a lot in common?

5. Do you have any stories about when you and the president were young-maybe before he was married?

6. Was President Nixon funny?

7. What was your favorite thing about your brother?

8. Do you remember Checkers?

9. Do you or have you ever wanted to be president?

10. Where do you live? Were you born in the same place as your brother? When did you go to school and how did you do in school? Did any of your brothers go to the same school?

Do you look the most like your brother, Richard Nixon? Did you ever work for any of your brothers? What do you do for a living? If you're retired, what did you do? Are you married? Do you have children? Are you a grampa? Do you have a living will like your brother did? Do you enjoy traveling? What are your hobbies? Have you ever written a book?

11. Did you or any of your brothers ever have nicknames?

12. What was your first friend's name? Do you remember what your second grade was like? What kind of books did you read in second grade?

13. Who was your brother's best friend?

14. What was it like to have a brother who served as president of the United Sates? How does it feel to be a brother of a president? How did the rest of your family feel? Were you ever jealous when your brother was president? How did your brother's wife and daughters feel about his being president? How hard did your brother work to become elected as president?

15. Was President Nixon a friend with John F. Kennedy?

16. Were you close to your brother Richard Nixon? Did you ever feel that your brother got all the attention? Did you vote for your brother? What were your feelings when your brother resigned because of Watergate? How did you feel about your brother's national policies? Did you even tell the president your opinion of a policy when he was in office? Who was your favorite president, besides your brother?

17. Do you have any background in politics? If so, what?

18. Do you know any goals your brother still wanted to accomplish and didn't have the chance prior to his death? Do you think President Nixon was a good president? Why did he want to be president? How did your brother become vice-president?

19. Do you know if President Nixon wanted to be president when he was a child? What did he want to be?

20. Do you know how many buildings or schools across the country are named after President Nixon? Have you ever visited any other schools named after your brother? How does your family feel when a school has their family name?

21. Do you still see President Nixon's daughters Julie and Tricia and their families? Where do they live and how many children do they have? What was Pat's "special project" as a First Lady?

22. Was it hard for Presdient Nixon to go without secret service protection for all those years after he left office?

23. We know that your brother was in the Navy during World War II. Was he in any battles during the war? Did he like being on a ship? What was his job and his rank?

24. How did the president like visiting countries and meeting people? Can you tell us any stories from his travels?

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