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    First Lady: Dolley Madison, Wife

    Wife's Maiden Name: Dolley Payne Todd

    Number of Children: None

    Education Level: College

    School Attended: Princeton University

    Religion: Episcopalian

    Farmer, Planter

    Military Service:

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1809 - 3/3/1817

    Presidency Number: 4

    Number of Terms: 2

    Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd term

    Party: Democratic-Republican

    His Vice President(s): George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry

    Cabinet Service: Secretary of State (Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809)

    House of Representatives: Virginia (1789-1797)

    Colonial Government: VA House of Delegates (1776-1777), Continental Congress (1780-1783)

    Other Offices: Virginia House of Delegates; Delegate to the Virginia Convention; Member of the Council of State; Delegate to the Annapolis Convention

    Methodology  &  Resources

    Did You Know?

    He was president during the War of 1812 which his critics dubbed "Mr. Madison's War."
    He was a central figure in the development of the United States Constitution and kept the most complete notes of anyone at the Constitutional Convention.
    Both of his vice presidents died in office.
    Madison stood close to five feet five inches and weighed one hundred pounds.

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    James Madison Program
    Video Clip List - Part 1 of 2
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 1:16 2:32 Jack Rakove, a professor at Stanford discusses unique characteristics of Madison.
    Watch Clip 1
    2 4:20 8:07 Rakove discusses the life of Madison and Port Conway, VA.
    3 8:20 13:48 Discusses the relationship between Madison and Jefferson.
    Watch Clip 3
    4 14:05 16:05 Commentary on the character of Madison.
    5 16:07 19:51 Mullin gives information about the Montpelier estate.
    6 25:00 26:11 Mullin discusses the Madison Gazebo.
    7 26:12 27:14 Tour of Madison house and a brief description of projects currently underway in the house.
    8 29:56 30:28 Holly Schulman discusses physical attributes of Dolley Madison, James Madison's wife.
    9 30:52 31:43 Shulman discusses Dolley's life prior to marrying Madison.
    10 36:40 40:45 Discusses the selling of the Montpelier Estate. Also addresses a debt problem that Dolley had.
    11 40:45 41:41 Another tour of the Madison house
    12 41:42 43:22 Discusses Dolley's death and the possible plan of her image being imbedded in US currency.
    13 43:45 44:53 Mullin discusses alterations made to a replica of the Madison house for a presentation to the public.
    14 47:04 47:52 Discusses the slaves who resided on the Madison estate. Visual of slave gravesite is also provided.
    15 47:57 48:24 The types of social events that First Lady Dolley Madison would have had in the back of the Madison home.
    16 50:01 53:14 Discusses the evolution of the Madisons in America in response to a caller seeking to find the genealogy of the Madison family.
    Watch Clip 16
    17 53:59 56:49 Discussion of Madison's belief in God.
    18 56:50 59:35 A timeline of James Madison's political career.
    19 59:54 1:04:26 Interview with a teacher from James Madison High School in Vienna, VA.
    20 1:05:54 1:09:11 Discussion of other documents spearheaded by Madison as well as his involvement in the creation of the Constitution.
    21 1:09:28 1:12:12 Lynne Lewis gives an introduction to the research done on the bedroom of Dolley Madison and the architecture of the Madison house.
    22 1:12:13 1:15:54 Discussion about the relationship between James and Dolley Madison.
    23 1:16:15 1:17:29 Shulman discusses Dolley's only photograph and her fascination with Congress.
    24 1:19:03 1:21:53 Addresses Madison's party affiliation and distinguishes 1800 republican beliefs from contemporary republican beliefs after comment is given by a caller (unclear call).
    Watch Clip 24
    James Madison Program
    Video Clip List - Part 2 of 2
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:23 1:21 Lynne Lewis continues her tour of Dolley Madison's bedroom.
    2 2:08 2:37 Explains Dolley's fabric preferences for the Madison home.
    3 2:42 4:41 Discusses the term "first lady" and the remodeling that the Madisons did to give the White House more of a national stature.
    Watch Clip 3
    4 4:42 6:45 Discussion of Madison's vice presidents.

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