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    First Lady: Mary Todd Lincoln, Wife

    Wife's Maiden Name:
    Mary Todd

    Number of Children: 4

    Education Level: No College

    Religion: No specific denomination

    Clerk, Military, Lawyer, Store Owner

    Military Service:

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1861 - 4/15/1865

    Presidency Number: 16

    Number of Terms: 2

    Why Presidency Ended: Assassination

    Party: Republican

    His Vice President(s): Hannibal Hamlin, Andrew Johnson

    House of Representatives: Illinois (1847-1849)

    State Legislative Service: IL (1834-1842)

    Other Offices: Postmaster of New Salem, Illinois

    Methodology  &  Resources

    Did You Know?

    On January 23, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
    He was the first president to be assassinated. He was shot five days after the end of the Civil War.
    He was the first president born outside of the original thirteen colonies.
    Just one month after his inauguration, the Civil War began.

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    Abraham Lincoln Program
    Video Clip List - Part 1 of 4
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:00 5:06 Biographical vignette
    Watch Clip 1
    2 7:14 8:49 Issues during the presidency of James Buchanan that increased the chances for a Republican/Lincoln victory in 1860
    Watch Clip 2
    3 8:57 10:06 How many Americans were aware of Lincoln in 1860? The population of the U.S. (slave and free), a breakdown of slave states and free states
    4 11:20 12:18 The presidential nominees in 1860; sectional divisions that existed within the Democratic Party
    5 13:34 14:05 Lincoln's cabinet and the Emancipation Proclamation
    6 18:00 19:34 Lincoln's suspension of the writ of habeas corpus
    Watch Clip 6
    7 21:36 22:47 The Union policy for commanders who dealt with runaway slaves
    8 28:25 29:26 Immigration into the United States and Confederate states during the Civil War
    9 29:30 30:48 What impact did the Lincoln-Douglas debates have upon Lincoln's position within the Republican Party?
    Watch Clip 9
    10 30:49 31:32 What impact did the telegraph and railroads have during the Civil War?
    11 31:44 33:04 The selection of Hannibal Hamlin as Lincoln's running mate in the election of 1860
    12 33:30 34:59 What would have happened if the Confederacy had not fired upon Fort Sumter?
    13 35:24 36:11 Lincoln's relationship with his childhood family
    14 36:12 37:32 Film clip of the historic sites that deal with Lincoln's youth
    15 39:02 39:52 The relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln
    16 41:08 42:45 The Lincoln children, their relationship with their father and their health issues
    17 46:00 46:57 Great Britain's relationship with the Confederate states
    18 48:37 51:10 Electoral and popular vote of 1860, Congress during the Lincoln presidency, the Republican / Union Party, African-American voters, and women voters; Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Watch Clip 18
    19 53:04 53:49 Lincoln's cabinet during his presidency
    20 54:00 56:15 What were the roles of African-American troops in the Civil War? How did Frederick Douglass influence Lincoln's use of African-American troops?
    Watch Clip 20
    21 56:17 57:37 The selection of Andrew Johnson as Lincoln's running mate in 1864
    Watch Clip 21
    22 58:58 59:21 Lincoln's spirituality
    23 1:02:37 1:03:28 The influence of women upon the election of Lincoln
    24 1:03:30 1:04:21 Lincoln's political career prior to his election to the presidency
    25 1:04:25 1:06:51 The significance of the "Might Makes Right" speech in New York City in terms of Lincoln's rise in the Republican Party
    26 1:08:00 1:11:37 Interview with historian Tim Townsend about the Lincoln house in Springfield, Illinois
    27 1:11:38 1:15:24 Interview with Cullom Davis on the Lincoln legal papers
    28 1:16:13 1:16:30 What were the differences between the two political parties in the 1860s?
    29 1:16:32 1:18:43 What was Lincoln's reputation as a lawyer in the 1850s?
    Abraham Lincoln Program
    Video Clip List - Part 2 of 4
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    30 0:02 0:59 Lincoln as a writer
    31 2:04 2:40 Did Secretary of War Stanton conspire to assassinate Lincoln?
    32 5:25 8:41 Interview with a high school student from Lincoln Community High School in Lincoln, Indiana
    33 8:53 10:48 Significant places in the Springfield, Illinois area that feature Abraham Lincoln
    34 10:50 11:59 Lincoln's lack of "formal" education prior to becoming a lawyer
    35 13:33 14:45 Relationship between Lincoln and Herndon as law partners
    36 14:47 15:26 Lincoln's relationship with Ann Rutledge, allegedly his first love
    37 15:29 17:49 Are historians objective and fair in accessing the careers of presidents?
    Abraham Lincoln Program
    Video Clip List - Part 3 of 4
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    38 0:00 1:21 A series of stills that list the highlights of Lincoln's political career, his Supreme Court appointments, and historical events during his time as president
    Watch Clip 38
    39 2:40 3:20 How many Americans were under arms in the early days of the Civil War?
    40 3:21 4:04 A breakdown of northern states, states that seceded from the Union, and border states. This clip includes a map.
    Watch Clip 40
    41 4:39 7:30 A comparison of the Democratic and Republican parties of the 1860s to the modern Democratic and Republican parties; Population of the U.S. in the 1860s
    Watch Clip 41
    42 10:24 11:44 The difficult relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln
    43 11:44 12:11 Why Lincoln did not run for reelection after his term in Congress; Deals with Lincoln's honesty
    44 13:30 15:30 Lincoln's handling of his officers during the Civil War; Included is Lincoln's infamous visit to General McClelland
    Watch Clip 44
    45 15:47 16:50 Lincoln and organized religion
    46 16:50 18:31 Recommended books on Abraham Lincoln
    47 18:37 20:00 The emancipation of slaves in DC and attempts to get border states to emancipate slaves on their own
    48 20:00 21:00 Lincoln's impact upon the Supreme Court; Includes a visual of his appointments
    49 22:25 23:46 Historian David Long's perspective of Lincoln and Reconstruction
    Watch Clip 49
    50 23:48 25:45 Film clip of the Lincoln family grave site; Includes dialogue on the career of Robert Todd Lincoln
    51 25:45 26:54 Historian Edna Greene Medford's perspective on Lincoln and Reconstruction
    Watch Clip 51
    52 28:47 29:46 Union sympathizers in the South and Confederate sympathizers in the North
    54 31:56 39:25 A tour of the second floor of the Lincoln home in Springfield, Illinois; There is discussion of some personal matters concerning the Linclon family.
    55 41:09 42:52 Lincoln's net estate
    56 43:47 45:07 Lincoln's mother
    57 46:05 47:25 Lincoln's military career prior to his presidency
    58 48:17 51:00 Lincoln and homosexuality
    Watch Clip 58
    59 51:09 53:15 Lincoln's ancestors and their move to the West
    Abraham Lincoln Program
    Video Clip List - Part 4 of 4
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    60 1:10 2:09 Lincoln learning how to read
    61 3:01 5:15 Question about two Lincoln "myths"; Lincoln's response to being elected and a stick in his hand for a casting
    62 5:26 6:37 Lincoln's funeral procession and the African-American response to "The Great Emancipator"
    63 8:07 9:56 The impact of "Bleeding Kansas" as a preview to the Civil War
    64 10:53 12:11 Mary Todd Lincoln's mental state in the years following the assassination
    65 13:10 15:16 All three guests are asked to talk about one thing that they did not like about Abraham Lincoln.
    Watch Clip 65

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