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    First Lady: Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson

    Number of Children: 2

    Education Level: College

    School Attended: Southwest Texas State University

    Religion: Disciple of Christ

    Military, Teacher

    Military Service:
    Lieutenant Cmdr.

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 11/22/1963 - 1/20/1969

    Presidency Number: 36

    Number of Terms: 1

    Why Presidency Ended: Left end 1st term

    Party: Democratic

    His Vice President(s): Hubert H. Humphrey

    Vice President For: John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

    Senator: Texas (1949-1961)

    House of Representatives: Texas (1937-1949)

    Other Offices: Director of National Youth Administration (TX)


    Did You Know?

    While he was in the White House, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and Medicare were signed into law.
    His administration was known as "The Great Society," despite nation-wide anti-war protests.
    During his term, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated.
    Before becoming a politician, he taught school in rural Texas.

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    Lyndon B. Johnson Program
    Video Clip List
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:14 0:52 Johnson's speech after the assassination of President Kennedy
    Watch Clip 1
    2 0:56 2:42 Biographical Vignette
    Watch Clip 2
    3 2:43 3:32 The early relationship with his wife and her efforts as an active first lady
    4 3:34 4:50 His decision and announcement not to run for a second term
    Watch Clip 4
    5 5:30 6:18 Joseph Califano, Jr., a member of Johnson's administration, discusses the initial plans that Johnson made for his presidency
    6 6:19 7:02 Discussion on how Lyndon Johnson established his legitimacy as a president
    7 7:43 10:47 Johnson as a man and a political figure in terms of personality and actions taken
    8 10:58 13:19 The impact his teaching career had on his presidency
    9 13:21 15:35 Explanation of the effect Johnson's hometown had on his time as President
    10 16:17 19:38 The role that African Americans played in the political process during the presidency of Johnson
    11 19:40 21:03 The rioting that broke out in Watts and Selma after the Civil Rights Bill was passed
    12 21:09 22:55 Johnson's motivation for becoming a proponent of civil rights in the US, given his geographical whereabouts as a child
    13 23:05 24:19 Discussion of Johnson's aids for domestic issues
    14 24:27 25:03 Hart explains how Johnson acquired the land on which his ranch lays
    15 27:13 27:24 The fate of the Texas White House
    16 30:18 31:53 The reason for Johnson not seeking to run for the presidency a second time
    17 31:54 33:13 The relationship between Johnson and Robert Kennedy
    18 37:32 40:06 Johnson's speech at Johns Hopkins University
    19 43:46 45:27 Johnson's wealth
    20 46:41 50:02 Johnson's sense of humor and his amphibicar
    21 1:05:52 1:07:10 The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Texas
    22 1:08:13 1:09:52 Johnson's style of communication
    23 1:10:20 1:17:57 An interview with Jennifer Hawkins, a student from LBJ high school
    24 1:19:09 1:21:00 The outcomes of the war on poverty under the LBJ administration
    Watch Clip 24
    25 1:26:28 1:27:56 Comments on John F. Kennedy's choice of Johnson as a running mate and Johnson's term as Vice President
    26 1:30:47 1:31:40 Johnson tactics in avoiding Union strikes
    27 1:33:20 1:35:59 Personal facts about Lyndon Baines Johnson
    28 1:36:54 1:37:57 Discussion with Lyndon Nugent, Johnson's grandson
    29 1:38:43 1:41:53 Johnson's decision to engage in war with Vietnam
    Watch Clip 29
    30 1:41:54 1:43:59 The President's office in the Texas White House and the relationship between the House and the National Park
    31 1:44:13 1:46:38 The relationship between LBJ and Hubert Humphrey, the vice president under the LBJ administration
    32 1:50:48 1:51:54 The economic picture under the presidency of Johnson
    33 1:53:31 1:54:23 The influence of the LBJ administration today
    34 1:56:20 1:58:10 The retirement years
    35 1:58:10 1:59:57 Johnson's bedroom in the Texas House
    36 2:00:37 2:02:17 Johnson's contributions to change in American society
    Watch Clip 36
    37 2:03:55 2:05:26 One thing each guest would like Lyndon B. Johnson to be remembered for
    38 2:06:24 2:10:13 President Johnson's remarks about the Voting Rights Act in 1965
    Watch Clip 38
    39 2:15:18 2:17:20 Background information of Johnson
    40 2:17:32 2:19:04 Robert A. Caro, an LBJ biographer, explains the LBJ room on Capitol Hill
    41 2:19:05 2:21:03 General explanation on Caro's books about Lyndon Johnson
    42 2:21:06 2:25:34 Johnson as a majority leader of the Senate
    43 2:26:07 2:27:57 The best things and worst things about LBJ as a senator
    Watch Clip 43
    44 2:29:45 2:31:03 The childhood and family
    45 2:32:01 2:32:32 Johnson's closest friends in the Senate
    46 2:33:01 2:34:26 What are Caro's books about?
    47 2:34:50 2:36:00 Influence of Brown & Root on LBJ
    48 2:36:25 2:36:53 LBJ's relationship with Senator Ralph W. Yarborough
    49 2:36:53: 2:38:30 The Exercise of Power in the LBJ Room
    50 2:39:53 2:41:58 The reason of portraying former Texas governor Coke Stevenson in Caro's book
    51 2:45:27 2:46:00 Johnson's gestures when he talked to another senator
    52 2:46:06 2:46:53 Comments on another book about LBJ by a right wing writer
    53 2:47:10 2:50:00 Ruthless character of LBJ in the U.S. Senate
    54 2:50:38 2:51:59 Robert Caro's feeling on LBJ
    55 2:57:59 3:00:42 The backgrounds of Texas generating Johnson's compassion for poor people of color
    Watch Clip 55
    56 3:03:53 3:06:57 Senator Wayne L. Morse and LBJ
    57 3:08:37 3:10:48 The things that Caro really wanted to cover in LBJ biography books
    58 3:13:48 3:15:07 LBJ's needs for love that motivated him
    59 3:35:22 3:17:57 Johnson's exceptional ability of dealing people
    60 3:18:01 3:19:22 LBJ's personal touch to Public during his campaigning n
    61 3:19:28 3:20:26 The relationship between JFK and LBJ as both senators
    62 3:20:39 3:21:41 How did LBJ get young votes for his presidential election campaign?
    63 3:23:49 3:24:09 Could LBJ be linked to the assassination of JFK?
    64 3:24:35 3:25:56 The chandelier in the LBJ room and the relationship between LBJ and Mrs. Kennedy
    65 3:25:56 3:27:50 Releasing video tapes about Johnson
    66 3:28:06 3:29:27 The role of Brown brothers and Lyndon Johnson in the 1958 Texas senate election
    67 3:31:55 3:33:00 The relationship between Johnson and John Connelly, a governor of Texas
    68 3:33:00 3:34:49 Discussion on people who have been critical views on LBJ and Caro's books
    69 3:34:53 3:35:40 Quick explanation on Johnson's service in the naval reserve
    70 3:35:40 3:38:49 Paul H. Douglas who were vocal to LBJ and took him on in the Senate
    71 3:41:28 3:43:34 Difficulties for Caro to do research in the LBJ Library
    72 3:45:45 3:46:31 What is the real motivation of Johnson's push for the civil right act?
    73 3:47:45 3:51:05 Johnson's real thoughts on racism and terms he used when he called African American people

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