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    First Lady: Jacqueline L. Bouvier Kennedy, Wife

    Number of Children: 2

    Education Level: College

    School Attended: Harvard University

    Religion: Roman Catholic

    Military, Journalist, Writer

    Military Service:

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1961 - 11/22/1963

    Presidency Number: 35

    Number of Terms: 1

    Why Presidency Ended: Assassination

    Party: Democratic

    His Vice President(s): Lyndon B. Johnson

    Senator: Massachusetts (1953-1960)

    House of Representatives: Massachusetts (1947-1953)

    Did You Know?

    He was a decorated naval officer in World War II.
    He received the Pulitzer Prize for his book, "Profiles in Courage."
    He served exactly 1,000 days in office.
    He was the first president born in the 20th century and the youngest president ever elected.
    During his term, the Soviets built the Berlin Wall.
    His wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, became an international celebrity due to her beauty, intelligence and poise.
    During his term, the Cuban missile crisis errupted.
    "And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. . ."

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    Video Clip List
    1 11:20 16:34 Biographical vignette
    2 16:52 17:28 Tour of home of Joseph and Rose Kennedy; John F. Kennedy, who was born in this house, was the first American president born in the 20th century
    3 17:38 18:33 JFK biographer, Robert Dallek, speaks of JFK's hold on the American public's imagination.
    Watch Clip 3   Back to Lesson
    4 18:44 19:53 JFK grew up in a life of privilege but his upbringing emphasized public service.
    5 21:35 22:35 JFK's reasons for getting into politics and his travels abroad in the 1930s;
    6 22:39 23:38 How the Kennedys were treated in Boston in the 1920s and 1930s
    7 24:03 27:38 Caller asks Dallek how JFK could bring the U.S. close to the brink of nuclear war and WWIII but still be revered in the public mindset today; JFK's speechwriting
    Watch Clip 7   Back to Lesson
    8 27:38 29:14 Why did JFK move back to Boston from New York to run for political office?
    9 29:20 30:55 Caller question re: rumors about Joseph Kennedy's involvement in securing votes for his son against Richard Nixon in 1960
    10 30:56 35:04 JFK's Inaugural Address; discussion on his uplifting style and spontaneity; the New Frontier
    11 35:10 36:41 Discussion of foreign policy as a chief concern
    12 37:13 42:15 Account of PT-109 experience and JFK's heroism; discuss the repercussions that JFK's war fame had on his brother, Joe Kennedy, Jr.
    13 42:37 46:17 Discussion of three great Kennedy speeches
    14 46:20 48:36 If Kennedy had lived, would he have taken us out of Southeast Asia?
    15 48:37 55:10 Virtual tour of Rose and Joe Kennedy's first home in Brookline, MA; discuss the early years of the Kennedy family and the first years of John's life; description of Joe and Rose's marriage, Rose as a wife and mother; description of the Brookline neighborhood
    16 55:20 57:38 Was American involvement in Vietnam a reaction to JFK's relationship with Khrushchev?
    17 57:39 59:18 Why did presidents from Wilson to Reagan make at least one blunder during their administrations?
    18 1:00:24 1:03:10 How did people react to the assassination of JFK? What do people remember about that day when JFK was assassinated?
    Watch Clip 18   Back to Lesson
    19 1:03:32 1:06:18 Did the anti-FDR opinions of Joseph Kennedy Jr. and Sr. influence JFK? the autonomy Joe Kennedy Sr. instilled in his sons
    20 1:07:18 1:07:47 Mention of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book on the Kennedys and the Fitzgeralds
    21 1:07:48 1:11:34 Tour of the Kennedy home in Brookline, MA as it was when JFK was an infant
    22 1:11:46 1:13:26 Relationship between JFK and Richard Nixon; how JFK's background affected his outlook on life; LBJ's small-town background
    23 1:13:34 1:15:01 JFK's cerebral approach to the presidency vs. that of other presidents
    24 1:16:00 1:17:13 Dallek's opinion on conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination
    Watch Clip 24   Back to Lesson
    25 1:17:15 1:20:29 How did Joseph Kennedy Sr. get wealth and power?
    26 1:20:30 1:21:25 As Joe and Rose Kennedy's family grew, they moved to another house in Brookline, MA
    27 1:21:26 1:25:35 Interview with, Anna St. John, a senior at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, CT; If JFK were running for president today, would he still have been elected?
    28 1:26:10 1:27:33 Tour of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, MA
    29 1:27:44 1:30:58 How illness affected JFK's life
    30 1:31:04 1:32:52 Comments on claim that the Kennedy family was dysfunctional
    31 1:33:04 1:34:47 Dallek's doubts on conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination
    32 1:35:24 1:38:51 Franklin D. Roosevelt as JFK's leadership model; had he lived, might JFK have dropped LBJ as his running mate on the 1964 ticket?
    33 1:39:10 1:43:06 Why did JFK go into politics?; JFK's interests in history
    34 1:43:08 1:44:23 How JFK handled Big Steel's price increase as it conflicted with his own efforts to keep inflation low; JFK and the business community
    35 1:44:50 1:46:08 Discussion on assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
    Watch Clips 35 & 36   Back to Lesson
    36 1:46:09 1:47:32 The speech that JFK was going to give in Dallas, Texas before assassinated
    37 1:47:34 1:51:26 Reasons why conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination continue
    Watch Clip 37   Back to Lesson
    38 1:51:37 1:52:59 Dallek answers caller's question about President Kennedy's relationships with women
    39 1:53:11 1:58:41 Discussion with David Kratz, Chief of Visitor Services at the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site: tour of JFK's nursery; Rosemary Kennedy, JFK's sister; members of the Kennedy family who visit the site; successive owners of the home
    40 1:58:42 1:59:48 Dallek discusses Rosemary Kennedy's mental handicap and how it impacted the Kennedy family
    41 1:59:52 2:01:47 How JFK coupled his liberal ideals with what was pragmatic for the nation
    42 2:01:47 2:03:46 JFK's relationship with his father; a look into the backgrounds of Joe and Rose Kennedy
    43 2:03:53 2:06:02 The lesson JFK took from the Bay of Pigs failure
    44 2:06:05 2:08:06 JFK's interest in internationl politics prior to his election in 1960; relates JFK's characteristics of statesmanship to candidates of today
    Watch Clip 44   
    45 2:08:07 2:10:03 How presidential campaigns have changed since Kennedy ran for president in 1960?
    46 2:11:25 2:12:56 Explanation on how to do research on JFK
    47 2:13:00 2:13:43 The relationship between JFK and his brother, Robert Kennedy
    Watch Clip 47   
    48 2:13:47 2:14:45 The relationship between JFK and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy
    Watch Clip 48   
    49 2:15:19 2:17:31 Video clip of Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-MA) speaking during the 1960 presidential debate against V.P. Richard M. Nixon
    50 2:24:31 2:27:31 Thomas Reeves, author of A Question of Character: The Life of John F. Kennedy, addresses why he wrote his book on JFK
    Watch Clip 50   Back to Lesson
    51 2:27:59 2:30:10 Reeves characterizes JFK as having been a relatively ineffective congressman without vision
    52 2:30:27 2:33:56 Reeves discusses his belief that JFK was a "manufactured politician"
    53 2:34:34 2:37:38 How the story of the Kennedys, including JFK's assassination, has affected the American public
    Watch Clip 53   
    54 2:37:38 2:38:49 How JFK won the state of Illinois in 1960 by a small margin
    55 2:38:56 2:42:31 Reeves describes JFK's character as being reckless and irresponsible
    56 2:42:53 2:45:01 The accusation that JFK was a snobbish, "Ivy League" type?
    57 2:45:05 2:46:13 Discussion of JFK's religion and his relationship with his mother
    58 2:47:13 2:48:30 Video clip of JFK speaking in Houston, TX in 1962 on the space program
    59 2:51:24 2:52:10 The missile gap between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
    60 2:52:14 2:53:29 Reeves's assessment of the relationship between JFK and LBJ
    61 2:53:47 2:55:36 Caller's question, "Is it fair of us to hold JFK to such a high standard of morality?"
    62 2:55:39 2:57:42 Caller challenges Reeves's criticisms of JFK; Comments on the public's need for heroes
    63 2:57:42 3:00:58 Video clip of JFK's trip to Ireland; Reeves describes the relationship between JFK and his brother, Robert Kennedy and how it changed during JFK's presidency
    64 3:01:07 3:02:46 How JFK's character affected the Bay of Pigs invasion
    65 3:02:55 3:04:57 JFK's love affair with Inga Arvad, speculation about there being a relationship with an East German spy, and discussion of JFK's conduct that could have led to his being court marshalled
    66 3:05:49 3:07:10 JFK's relationship with Marilyn Monroe
    67 3:07:11 3:08:26 JFK's relationship with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
    68 3:09:32 3:10:32 Discussion about what Reeves has learned throughout his investigation of JFK's character

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