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    First Lady: Martha "Patsy" Randolph, daughter

    Number of Children: 5

    Education Level: College

    School Attended: College of William and Mary

    Religion: Deism


    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1801 - 3/3/1809

    Presidency Number: 3

    Number of Terms: 2

    Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd Term

    Party: Democratic-Republican

    His Vice President(s): Aaron Burr, George Clinton
    Vice President For: John Adams (1797-1801)

    Cabinet Service: Secretary of State (George Washington, 1790-1793)

    Governor of a State: VA (1779-1781)

    Colonial Government: House of Burgesses (1769-1774), Continental Congress (1783-1784)

    Other Offices: Minister to France; Virginia Continental Congress; Virginia House of Delegates

    Did You Know?

    He authorized the Lewis and Clark expedition--an expedition which explored the land the U.S. obtained through the Louisiana Purchase.
    He was the first president elected by the House of Representatives.
    He wanted to be remembered not for his presidency, but for the roles he played in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom and the University of Virginia.
    When he became president, he had been a widower for 19 years. His daughter Martha or "Patsy" assumed the role of First Lady.
    Martha Skelton, his wife, was known as an avid reader and accomplished musician.
    During his administration, the U.S. population was five and a half million.
    "Of all the cankers of human happiness, none corrodes it with so silent, yet so baneful a tooth, as indolence. . .Idleness begets ennui, ennui the hypochondria, and that a diseased body."

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    Thomas Jefferson Program
    Video Clip List - Part 1 of 3
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:00 4:12 Biographical vignette
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    2 4:13 6:33 Discussion of what Thomas Jefferson would be like today
    3 8:19 11:45 What Monticello is like today compared to in history
    4 11:46 13:36 Thomas Jefferson's public service career; Jefferson's letter writing
    Watch Clip
    5 14:01 14:53 A typical day for Thomas Jefferson
    6 14:54 17:54 A discussion of why Thomas Jefferson was or was not great
    7 17:55 19:56 What transportation was like from Monticello to Philladelphia and Washington D.C.
    8 20:15 25:56 Thomas Jefferson and international politics
    9 22:57 23:58 Lewis and Clark's expedition
    10 23:59 25:51 Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution
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    11 29:20 31:53 History of Monticello
    12 34:56 36:20 Thomas Jefferson and the Bill of Rights
    13 36:45 37:56 Thomas Jefferson's knowledge and use of foreign languages
    14 37:57 39:16 Where the word and pronunciation of "Monticello" came from
    15 39:39 42:10 The most important women in Thomas Jefferson's life
    16 42:11 42:46 How scholars at Monticello publicized the Jefferson/Hemmings DNA tests
    17 44:14 45:42 Monticello's library
    18 45:43 49:40 The Jeffersonian paradox of owning slaves and, at the same time, being the architect of freedom
    Watch Clip
    19 49:41 50:59 Thomas Jefferson's stay in France
    20 51:00 52:05 Description of Jefferson's study at Monticello
    21 52:06 52:54 The demographics of the visitors who come to Monticello each year
    22 52:55 53:49 Website resources for Monticello
    23 53:50 54:55 How many people visit Monticello a year
    24 55:50 56:31 What Thomas Jefferson's voice could have sounded like
    25 56:31 57:39 Dr. Thomas Walker's relationship with Thomas Jefferson
    26 57:40 59:18 Jefferson's retreat home at Poplar Forest
    27 59:18 1:00:18 Jefferson's career in the executive branch and in public life; his marriage and children;
    28 1:00:29 1:01:57 Thomas Jefferson as a surveyor
    29 1:01:58 1:03:24 Discussion of Thomas Jefferson's writing ability
    30 1:03:25 1:07:11 High school student's perspective on Thomas Jefferson and his experience as a student at Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way,WA
    Thomas Jefferson Program
    Video Clip List - Part 2 of 3
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    31 1:07:41 1:08:42 Sally Hemmings and the controversy over the cemetary at Monticello
    32 1:10:05 1:10:58 Thomas Jefferson's diet
    33 1:10:59 1:13:43 Thomas Jefferson's hospitality and personable nature; a discussion of his love for his wife
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    34 1:14:31 1:15:42 Thomas Jefferson and his ties to University of Virginia
    35 1:15:43 1:16:37 Why James Madison is not as admired as Thomas Jefferson, his fellow Virginian
    36 1:16:46 1:18:39 Thomas Jefferson's financial debts and the steward of Monticello after Jefferson's death
    37 1:18:40 1:19:12 Thomas Jefferson sold his books to the Library of Congress
    38 1:19:13 1:20:46 Thomas Jefferson's religious beliefs
    Thomas Jefferson Program
    Video Clip List - Part 3 of 3
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    39 1:28:17 1:28:50 Today's controversy evidence of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemmings
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    40 1:33:16 1:34:11 Should descendants of Sally Hemmings be buried in the Monticello cemetery?
    41 1:35:56 1:38:49 Was Jefferson a "horrible person" for owning slaves?
    42 1:38:50 1:41:01 Thomas Jefferson's criticisms of newspaper editors
    43 1:41:54 1:45:11 Discussion of Thomas Jefferson's morality and the issue of slavery
    44 1:45:12 1:47:53 The discussion about Jefferson's relationship with Sally Hemmings when she was only 16 years old
    45 1:50:20 1:52:38 Could Thomas Jefferson still be considered a "great man" despite his owning slaves and his affair with Sally Hemmings?
    46 1:52:46 1:54:13 Will the study of the Jefferson-Hemmings affair spark discussion and questions about similar relationships at other plantations
    47 1:54:14 1:55:00 Historian Dr. Annette Gordon-Reed's answers questions about slavery in her own family's history
    48 2:01:43 2:04:26 Discussion of the likelihood that another Jefferson male-perhaps Thomas Jefferson's sons or brother-had an affair with Sally Hemmings
    49 2:05:26 2:08:18 Looking at Jefferson's involvement with the institution of slavery-including his affair with Hemmings-in its historical context
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    50 2:08:39 2:11:13 Dr. Gordon-Reed dismisses claims that Thomas Jefferson's brother or sons fathered Sally Hemmings's children
    51 2:11:21 2:12:30 Why some African Americans do not visit plantations such as Monticello
    52 2:12:31 2:13:50 More facts about Thomas Jefferson's presidency
    53 2:13:51 2:16:37 Virginia's laws about emancipation; trends in the age for marriage and childbirth in the 18th & 19th centuries
    54 2:17:29 2:18:51 Was Thomas Jefferson a womanizer?
    55 2:20:13 2:21:57 Thomas Jefferson's life at Monticello; a look at the slaves who lived and worked at Monticello
    56 2:23:47 2:24:18 How the staff at Monticello has received the controversy about the Jefferson-Hemmings affair
    57 2:24:19 2:27:42 A historical look at slavery on a global scale
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