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    First Lady: Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife

    Number of Children: 1

    Education Level: Graduate

    School Attended: Georgetown University, Oxford, Yale University

    Religion: Baptist

    Professor, Lawyer

    Public Service

    Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1993 - 1/20/2001

    Presidency Number: 42

    Number of Terms: 2

    Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd Term

    Party: Democratic

    His Vice President(s): Albert Gore

    Governor of a State: Arkansas (1979-1981), Arkansas (1983-1992)

    Other Offices: Attorney General of Arkansas

    Did You Know?

    He was elected Governor of Arkansas for five terms.
    He is known for appointing minorities and women to high-level positions.
    Warren Christopher and later Madeleine Albright served as his Secretaries of State.
    He was the second president to be impeached, and was acquitted by vote counts of: Article 1 - Yea 45; Nay 55 Article 2 - Yea 50; Nay 50
    His wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is known for her support of her husband and her pursuit of the causes in which she believes.
    During his term, the federal budget was balanced.
    "If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person. It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit."

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    Bill Clinton Program
    Video Clip List
    Clip # Start Time End Time Description
    1 0:00 2:40 William Jefferson Clinton from childhood to Georgetown University. Watch Clip 1
    2 2:43 3:34 Clinton meets his future wife, Hillary Rodham at graduate school, and becomes attorney general of Arkansas.
    3 3:35 4:28 Clinton's road to the presidency.
    4 4:29 5:44 Ken Starr investigates White Water, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
    5 5:45 7:36 A look at Clinton's hometown and birthplace home.
    6 7:55 12:22 David Maraniss, author of First in his Class, A Biography of Bill Clinton, discusses Clinton's political career, Hope vs. Hot Springs.  Information about Clinton's father, William Jefferson Blythe.
    7 12:30 15:04 Video of Hope, Arkansas with description of Clinton's birthplace home.
    8 15:05 16:36 Bill Clinton discusses the personal significance of his birthplace home.
    9 16:37 18:53 Bill Clinton's commitment to serving the public, and how that will affect his legacy.
    10 19:10 21:28 Discussion about Clinton's involvement with Harding College.
    11 21:28 23:18 Comments on the public sentiment of Bill Clinton.
    12 23:20 26:03 Public support for Bill Clinton.
    13 26:04 27:42 Video footage of the kitchen, photos of Clinton, and his grandparents.
    14 27:42 29:30 Bill Clinton's policy on gays in the military.
    15 29:31 33:12 David Maraniss comments on video footage regarding Clinton and the draft.
    16 33:13 35:29 A viewer calls in to show his support of Bill Clinton
    17 35:29 36:16 What residents of Hope, AR think of Bill Clinton.
    18 36:16 38:24 Clinton's personality traits and how they affected his presidency
    19 38:25 39:37: What happened to the members of Clinton's Cabinet?
    20 39:38 41:26 Clinton leaves a positive impression on a young man.
    21 41:30 42:40 Are there any other sites in Hope, AR dedicated to Bill Clinton?
    22 42:44 44:51 Details surrounding the impeachment process.
    23 44:52 45:14 Clinton family gravesite.
    24 45:14 48:25 Reasoning on why Bill Clinton changed his name. Watch Clip 24
    25 49:18 50:39 Should Congress have the right to investigate anyone's personal life?
    26 50:40 52:31 Reasoning behind the various ways Americans avoided the Vietnam War draft. Is college a legitimate draft deferment?
    27 52:34 54:55 Discussion on what people abroad think about American politics, and scandals.
    28 55:29 56:57 Tour of the dining and living rooms in Clinton's birthplace home. Discussion of fundraising for the upkeep of the home.
    29 56:58 57:33 How many of Clinton's relatives still reside in Arkansas?
    30 58:30 59:39 A comment on the continued support from Americans to Bill Clinton after the scandal.
    31 59:55 1:00:40 David Maraniss shares opinions about the expectations of Bill Clinton's foreign policy.
    32 1:03:31 1:05:26 Views about how changes in media, and culture affect presidents are expressed.
    33 1:07:24 2:47:05 Video of Clinton's boyhood home and surrounding areas.
    34 1:10:07 1:11:49 Gary Johnson, owner of the Hope Visitor Center answers a young student's question about Clinton's impeachment.
    35 1:11:50 1:14:41 Gary Johnson answers basic questions the Hope Visitor Center.
    36 1:14:42 1:16:22 Discussion about Clinton's draft notice.
    37 1:16:26 1:18:58 Comments on the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
    38 1:18:59 1:22:20 Discussion with Masako Christian, a school teacher at William Jefferson Clinton school in Sherwood, AR.
    39 1:22:21 1:25:21 Questions about the validity of several rumors about Bill Clinton's immediate family.
    40 1:25:24 1:26:35 Comments on Bill Clinton's, and Ronald Reagan's faults.
    41 1:26:36 1:27:36 More commentary with Gary Johnson about the Hope Visitor Center.
    42 1:27:36 1:29:53 A caller expresses disapproval of Bill Clinton's behavior regarding his private life.
    43 1:29:36 1:32:57 Tour of the nursery, backyard and photos at the Depot and Visitor center.
    44 1:32:59 1:34:08 A caller talks about citizens overseas and their opinions about political scandals in the U.S.
    45 1:34:10 1:35:40 Has David Maraniss ever met Bill Clinton?
    46 1:36:28 1:37:38 Tour of Bill Clinton's grandparents' bedroom.
    47 1:37:39 1:38:27 How many Supreme Court appointments has Bill Clinton had?
    48 1:40:11 1:42:49 Tour of Clinton's mother's bedroom. Prices of touring the Hope Visitor Center and the Clinton Center.
    49 1:43:32 1:44:42 A clip of the 1992 debate with Bill Clinton and George Bush in St. Louis, on the topic of patriotism.
    Watch Clip 49
    50 1:46:26 1:48:08 Timeline of Clinton's public service, listing of his cabinet members, and significant events that occurred during his administration.
    51 1:48:14 1:50:20 Introduction of Georgia Sorenson, co-author of Dead Center: Clinton-Gore Leadership and the Perils of Moderation.
    52 1:50:53 1:53:41 Comments on the achievements of Bill Clinton.
    53 1:53:47 1:55:50 A comparison of Juan Peron and Bill Clinton.
    54 1:56:02 1:56:40 Georgia Sorenson describes the program, The Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland.
    55 1:59:03 1:59:56 Georgia Sorenson explains why she thinks Bill Clinton is a centrist, which is a key concept in her book.
    56 1:59:59 2:01:03 What Bill Clinton quotes will we remember?
    57 2:01:44 2:04:00 Maraniss and Sorenson compares and contrasts characteristics of Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.
    58 2:04:02 2:05:00 Tour of the McLarty room at the Depot and Visitor Center.
    Watch Clip 58
    59 2:10:45 2:10:56 Sorenson talks about Hillary Clinton's decision to continue her marriage to Bill Clinton.
    60 2:10:57 2:12:25 Gary Johnson talks about a photo in the Hope Visitor Center.
    61 2:12:26 2:15:23 Sorenson responds to a viewer's comments about the integrity of our lawmakers.
    62 2:15:21 2:19:58 Why Gary Johnson and his family have dedicated themselves to the Hope Visitor Center; as well as Beckie Moore to the Clinton Center.
    63 2:20:04 2:22:40 Sorenson discusses the leadership qualities that Bill Clinton possesses. Also, some commentary about James McGregor Burns as a role model, and the Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland.
    64 2:23:37 2:25:55 Video of four different speeches of Bill Clinton announcing military action; Maraniss and Sorenson analyze the clips.
    65 2:27:01 2:28:04 A caller shares his opinions about Clinton's relations with foreign countries.
    66 2:28:05 2:30:18 Discussion about leadership qualities in our presidents.
    67 2:30:20 2:33:18 The authors discuss their next projects, what it takes to write an unbiased book. Contact information for educators interested in using C-SPAN in their classrooms.
    68 2:33:19 2:36:59 A caller discusses possible conspiracies involving Bill Clinton.
    69 2:37:00 2:38:50 Maraniss talks about the working relationship between Dale Bumpers, a senator from Arkansas and Bill Clinton.
    70 2:38:33 2:40:52 Beckie Moore shares interesting facts about the oval office rug.
    Watch Clip 70
    71 2:40:53 2:42:16 More discussion about leadership qualities in our presidents.
    72 2:42:17 2:43:56 Guests discuss the timing of the Iraqi bombing and Clinton's impeachment.
    73 2:43:57 2:45:14 Comments about the geographical location of the presidential library.
    74 2:45:15 2:47:12 Thoughts about Clinton's focus during the last year of his presidency. Also, questions about Clinton's core beliefs.
    75 2:47:15 2:50:39 Video clip of Clinton addressing the scandal with discussion.
    76 2:50:40 2:54:04 Discussion about the Rhodes Scholarship and Clinton's time at Oxford.
    77 2:55:12 2:57:09 A video clip of Hillary Clinton discussing her role as first lady.
    78 3:00:28 3:02:09 Comments on military procedure.
    79 3:02:10 3:05:44 Last words from all guests.

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