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3rd Grade Planning Sheet

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School _____________________________________

Number the items below which you would like your class to participate during your field trip. These activities are designed for one class. All field trips will begin with a short talk and movie about President Jimmy Carter. (Allow 35 minutes.)

_____ Recall and interpret information presented orally and respond to various types of questions. Students will walk through the museum in small groups. Each adult accompanying the groups will use a Self-Guided Walking Tour of the museum to point out items and encourage discussion. Allow 30 minutes.

_____ Use book parts as information sources. Students will use books about President and Mrs. Carter and also old textbooks which were used from 1920-1950 to locate title pages, table of contents, index and glossary as information sources. Allow 30 minutes.

_____ Solve oral one- and two-step word problems. Students will listen to a 1940's math story and solve the problems orally. Allow 15 minutes.

_____Discuss how fossils are formed and constructs one. Students will examine fossilized rocks found in the fields around Plains. After a short history of this area of the state, students will use materials to make a clay model of a fossil. Allow 30 minutes.

_____Identify common symbols of Georgia. Students will use an exhibit about Plains High School which is the official State School of Georgia. The exhibit deals with the process of a bill becoming a law. Allow 30 minutes.

_____ Characteristics of rural communities. Students will visit President Carter's Boyhood Farm to learn about his life on the farm. Allow 45 minutes.

_____ Describe the local community. Students will listen to the history of Sumter County and identify landmarks in the county. A short history of Plains and the impact of Jimmy Carter on it. Allow 20 minutes.

_____Watch a movie about Jimmy Carter and Plains. President and Mrs. Carter are in the movie and talk about their lives. 25 minutes

____ Describe the local community. Students will receive a guided bus tour on Plains on their bus. Allow 60 minutes.

_____Scavenger Hunt using museum exhibits to locate facts. 45 minutes

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