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5th Grade Planning Sheet

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Number the items below which you would like your class to participate during your field trip. These activities are designed for one class. All field trips will begin with a short talk and movie about President Jimmy Carter. (Allow 35 minutes.)

_____ Write three or more paragraphs about a topic. Students will visit Miss Julia's restored 1930's classroom and write with a fountain pen. The writing will be based on information about Jimmy Carter, Plains and their experiences at the museum. Allow 30 minutes.

_____Recall, interpret and summarize information presented orally. Students will go on a guided bus tour of the historic area. The tour will include the history of Plains and the Carters. 60 minutes

_____ Use part of the research process. Students will use exhibits for skimming, paraphrasing, note taking and organization of information. As a post activity, this information could be presented orally or written into a report. Allow 45 minutes.

_____Explain duties and responsibilities of the three branches of government. Students use Constitution booklets to research the legislative, executive and judicial branches. We will concentrate on the eligibility of becoming President and the duties of the President. Allow 30 minutes.

_____ Process of the political system in the United States. Students will go to the Depot and explore 1976 campaign items for President Carter's campaign. They will design a campaign button or poster and if time permits, a campaign speech can be given by students. 30 minutes

_____ Explain growth due to transportation. Students will go on a downtown walking tour of the town of Plains. The history of the town and growth due to the railroad will be discussed. A downtown scavenger hunt is available for groups that can provide one adult supervisor for small groups of 4 students. This needs to be well supervised due to traffic. Allow 30-60 minutes.

_____ Discuss the impact of electricity on lifestyles in the 1920's. Students will go in President Carter's Boyhood Home to learn about life on the farm with no electricity or indoor plumbing. They will also hear how farming changed after tractors were used on the farm. A short taped message from President Carter will be used so students can hear him talk about his chores and life on the farm. Allow 15 minutes.

_____Use science inquiry, process skills and problem solving Students will use peanuts to make observations and record data on assignments. The lesson will use peanuts, magnifying glass, and mortal and pedestal. Allow 40 minutes.

_____Word problems and Whole number operation. Students will use 1930's catalogs to "purchase" items needed for the Carter's farm and family. This will lead to a discussion on "goods" and lifestyles in the '30's. Allow 20 minutes.

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