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8th Grade Planning Sheet

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Number the items below which you would like your class to participate during your field trip. These activities are designed for one class. All field trips will begin with a short talk and movie about President Jimmy Carter. (Allow 35 minutes.)

______ Interpret information presented orally. Students will go on a guided bus tour of the historic sites in Plains which include walking through President Carter's childhood home. Allow 60 minutes.

______ Write paragraphs that unify ideas and supporting details. Students will use fountain pens and replica journals to complete a 1930's "Ready Writing" about President Carter. Allow 30 minutes.

_____ Interpret the geology of the Earth. Describe the geographic regions of Georgia. Students will use fossilized rocks which came from the fields around Plains. This will lead into a discussion of our region and its natural resources. Allow 20 minutes.

______ Describe the Indians of Sumter County. Students will have the opportunity to look at various rocks, broken arrowheads and other items found in fields around Plains. Allow 30 minutes.

______ Describe events and conditions that affected Georgia's economy in the early 20th century. Students will use a hands on approach to examine cotton, boll weevils, songs, and oral histories about the Great Depression. 30-45 minutes

______ Describe events and conditions that affect Georgia's economy. Students will participate in an "archaeological dig". They will use a pit with items from 1920-40's. Students will dig, catalog, photograph and complete a grid of the items located. They will use a spade, compass, folding rules, plumb line and tape measures to correctly plot the location of items.

After items are located, students will determine the object and use of these items. The dig is limited to a class of less than 25 students and 3 adult supervisors. Students need to be willing to get dirty and be responsible with tools. Allow 60-90 minutes.

______ Identify influential Georgians of the modern era. Students will use a "scavenger hunt" to record information about Georgians with an emphasis on Jimmy Carter. Allow 45 minutes.

_____ Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of "citizenship". Students will recognize that there are multiple levels of citizenship-nation, state, county, and city. Students will look at Jimmy Carter's life as a citizen and determine ways he demonstrates citizenship. A short exert of "Citizen Carter" will be shown for discussion. Allow 30 minutes

______ Explore Careers. Students will have the opportunity to watch a short video produced about the history of secret service agents. The Carter Protective Detail presents information about a career as an agent and what They do to protect former President and Mrs. Carter.) Allow 30 minutes.

______ Write, perform and analyze scenes and short plays integrating content and form. Students will work as teams for researching the life of Jimmy Carter. Each team will then write a short play about his life. Allow 60-90 minutes.

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