American Presidents

American Presidents Grant Winners

University Level Winners

Team leader: Brian J. Snee
Team member: Grant Cos
Cable system: Time Warner
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

Description: Proposed teaching a class in Fall 2000 titled Political Communications and Media that draws on the C-SPAN American Presidents series for historical context, a text for rhetorical analysis, and a research source for students.

Team leader: Frank J. Smist
Team members: Christopher Elmore, Kathryn Doyle, Dr. John P. Meiers, Zachary Stolz
Rockhurst Jesuit University
Kansas City, MO

Description: An American Presidents study project involving faculty and students at the college, and a local high school and elementary school that will explore history and encourage civic participation.

High School Level Winners

Team leader: Michael H. Taylor,
Team members: Rob Lovell, Mike Stover, Bill Kyger and Susan Hagadone.
Cable system: Adelphia
Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater, VA

Bill Kyger, Susan Hagadone, Rob Lovel, Mike Stover, and Michael Taylor

Description: Juniors and seniors, in U.S. history and government classes, will create resumes for and profiles of the presidents.

Middle School Level Winners

Team leader: Pat Bozek
Team members: Stephen Jones, Jim Blow
Cable system: MediaOne
American History and Civics Teacher
Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, MI

Description: Each students will be assigned a president to study for a variety of projects throughout the semester, including biography, foreign policy and "first lady" studies.

Team leader: Carol Hines
Team member: Donna MacIntyre
Cable system: AT&T
Darrel C. Swope Middle School in Reno, NV

Description: Students engage in a Global Presidents project which incorporates extensive research and data recording on the presidents. Access Lesson Plan, Access Activity Sheet, Access Grading Sheet

Team leader: Mark Laskowksi
Team member: Pat Gray
Cable system: Time Warner
Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School in Memphis, TN

Description: Multi-grade teams of students will collaborate to research and complete multimedia, interdisciplinary projects on a president.

Team leader: Jennifer Stone Velesz
Team members: Robin Hilliard, Becky Monger, Jason Maneno, Salli Rathbone
Cable system: Comcast
Beville Middle School in Dale City, VA

Description: 7th grade students will design campaigns for a president from each era, then hold a mock election.

Elementary School Level Winners

Team leader: Luana Lewis
Team members: Denise Carter, Brenda Griffith
Cable system: Multimedia Cablevision
Jefferson Elementary School in El Dorado, KS

Description: Fifth grade students engage in an in-depth study of presidents culminating in "wax museum" performances. View examples of class projects.

Team leader: Eileen F. Kiesner
Team members: Tery Schantzen, Mary Hon
Cable system: Mountain Cablevision
Frazier Park School in Frazier Park, CA

Team Leader Eileen Kiesner, Video Editor William Shillig and Team Member Christina Pennella.

Description: Video editing project that students at three schools in the El Tejon Unified School District will complete, then share completed programs with students at other schools.

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