American Presidents

Global Presidents Research Tracking Sheet

Directions: Research your president and complete this sheet. You must rewrite the information on a separate sheet; hand-print/typed in black ink. Number each item as below.

Include a picture of the President and First Lady.

1. Full Name:

2. Date of Birth

3. Born at home or hospital?

4. Location of birth: city, county, state:

5. Date of death

6. Where died:

7. Cause of death:

8. Place of burial: city, state:

9. Name of father:

10. Name of mother:

11. Name of siblings:

12. Childhood home:

13. Childhood pets:

14. Religion:

15. Education:

16. Military Service:

17. Wife:

18. Children:

19. Pets during Presidency:

20. Major family events during Presidency:

21. Name of family homes:

22. Location:

23. Offices or occupations held before presidency:

24. Offices or occupations after leaving presidency:

25. Political Party affiliation:

26. Presidential campaign slogan:

27. Number of electoral votes received:

28. Number of popular votes received:

29. Names of candidates defeated:

30. Name of Vice President:

31. Age of President at inauguration:

32. Number of years served as President:

33. Nickname:

34. Names of wars or conflicts fought during the Presidency:

35. Major legislation passed during the Presidency?

36. Major accomplishments during the presidency:

37. Scandals or controversies during the presidency:

38. Major world events during the presidency:

39. Major inventions or discoveries during the presidency:

40. Examples of arts/ music/entertainment:

41. Design a campaign button, including the slogan, nickname date of campaign, etc.

42. Complete the presidential globe, placing any locations possible from the research above.

  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Colored illustrations
  • Information hand-printed in black ink
  • Neatly assembled
  • Information accurate

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