American Presidents

Lesson Plan - Global Presidents

Credit: Lesson Plan developed by Carol Hines and Donna MacIntyre at Darrel C. Swope Middle School in Reno, NV. C-SPAN provided by AT&T.


1. To become knowledgeable about an American President's life, background, family, accomplishments, legacy.

2. To conduct research about a specific president.

3. To accurately record data.

4. To review and analyze data.

5. To illustrate important events in the president's life on the "globe."

6. To share the information in an oral presentation.

7. To follow directions.


1. Globe pattern enlarged to fit on 11X17 paper white vellum.

2. Reference books.

3. Videos from the American Presidents series on C-SPAN.

4. Project guidelines and grading sheets and president's sign-up sheet.

5. Art materials: crayons, scissors, clear tape.

Suggested Completion Time:

1. Twenty minutes for oral instruction.

2. Up to two class periods of in-class research. May need to finish at home.

3. Up to two class periods for oral presentations.


1. Explain the purpose of the project.

2. Give students a Research Tracking Sheet to use to gather information on their chosen president.

3. Explain and demonstrate how to make a model of the "globe." Show the "globe" and pass it around the class for student to examine.

4. Review the Research Tracking Sheet, Guidelines and Grading Sheets.

5.Post sign-up sheets for students to select their president.

6. Remind students that illustrations must be hand-drawn and colored EXCEPT for the pictures of the president and first lady.

7. Explain grading and "WOW" Factors: These are bonus points awarded for work, creativity, etc. exceeding the "A" level.

8. Give project due date

Use the Global Presidents grading sheet. A blank grading sheet has been included; the teacher should manipulate the sheet according to the criteria set by the teacher and the number of points the teacher wants the project to be worth.

Lesson Extensions:

1. Design a campaign button.

2. Quiz students on the order of the presidents.

3. Make presidential timelines

4. Create a presidential hat.

5. Write president rebus stories.

6. Create a political party.

7. Play an Electoral College game.

8. Play president charades.

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