American Presidents

C-SPAN in the Classroom's
American Presidents: Life Portraits
Exhibit Activity!

Activity Directions

The American Presidents: Life Portraits Exhibit Activity allows for individual and/or group involvement when visiting the traveling exhibit.

Through this activity, teachers and parents can provide students with a variety of ways to learn about the presidents by analyzing portraits, images and biographical information.

Students will use the activity "Calling Cards" to make comparisons, draw conclusions and relate the presidents' lives to their own.

Each Calling Card has two types of questions:

1. The Meet the President! Questions - challenge students to search the individual biographical sketches to locate the answer.

2. The Look Closer! Questions - challenge students to examine the visual images such as C-SPAN's oil portraits and images provided by the White House Historical Association.

* * * *

Accessing the Calling Cards

1. Pick a Calling Card
Students can select a "Calling Card" for one or more of the presidents. First, click on to the appropriate grade level under each president's portrait. Then print out the "Calling Cards" questions to bring to the exhibit.

  • Choose Individual Calling Cards

    2. Download all Calling Cards
    Teachers and parents can print out the entire list of questions for the appropriate grade level and distribute the set to students.

  • Print All Grades 4-8 Calling Cards
  • Print All Grades 9-11 Calling Cards

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