American Presidents

American Presidents Teacher Guide

1999 C-SPAN High School Teacher Fellow John Frank teaches history and government at Center Grove High School in Greenwood, IN, where C-SPAN is provided by Post-Newsweek Cable.

"Ulysses S. Grant was a person who experienced a wide range of events throughout his lifetime. His vocations ranged from farmer and soldier to president and author. An example of the diversity found in his life is illustrated by the fact that in the fall of 1858 Ulysses S. Grant was an unsuccessful farmer. Yet a decade later, this same man was his party's nominee for president of the United States. Ulysses S. Grant was a participant in many of the historic events of 19th century America.

The variety of President Grant's life experiences presents to students a rich source with which to study United States history and the American presidency.

Turn Ulysses S. Grant's life into a classroom lesson in which students themselves portray his the life and times of Ulysses Grant through role plays, speeches, or charades.

Teachers may wish to customize this lesson to accommodate the number of students in their classes and the grade levels of their pupils. Students can conduct research by viewing all or portions of C-SPAN's American Presidents programming, and searching the American Presidents web site."

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