American Presidents

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American Presidents Exhibit:

Visit the American Presidents Portrait Exhibit at Columbia Place Mall, Columbia, SC The exhibit will run  from March 1 to April 29, 2010.

American Presidents Exhibit Activity

Build a Presidential Video Library

To purchase a two-volume compilation of American Presidents biographical vignettes or any videotape from the series - visit the
C-SPAN Archives!

Or contact the C-SPAN Archives at 1 800 277- 2698 to order your videotape today!
C-SPAN in the Classroom
American Presidents Resources
This web site is for teachers and students who want to use
C-SPAN's television series, American Presidents: Life
as a classroom resource.

  Watch the entire American Presidents series online and
  view video clip lists for selected programs.


Pick a President

  • Teacher Guides for all 41 programs
  • Video Clip Lists for selected programs
  • Spotlight Points of View: 6 Curriculum Units on Theodore Roosevelt

    American Presidents Timeline Poster Activities and Lessons

  • Career Paths to the Presidency Activity
  • Shaping the Nation & the Presidency Activity
  • American Presidents Timeline Quiz Activity
  • Student Directed Learning Lesson
  • Exploring the Career Paths of US Presidents Lesson


    Teaching about the Presidency
    Lesson Plans from Champion Teachers

  • Letters from the Presidents
  • Building Blocks
  • Choosing the Next President
  • Why a President? Why not a King?
  • Know Your Presidents
  • To Be A President: The Children's View
  • President Notebook
  • Poetry and the American Presidents

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