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Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover

Books By Herbert Hoover
  • Principles of Mining 1909
  • American Individualism 1922
  • The New Day 1929
  • The Challenge to Liberty 1934
  • Addresses Upon the American Road (8 vols.)1938-1961
  • America's First Crusade 1943
  • The Problems of Lasting Peace (with Hugh Gibson) 1943
  • The Basis of Lasting Peace (with Hugh Gibson) 1944
  • The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover (3 vols.) 1951-1952
  • The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson 1958
  • An American Epic (4 vols.) 1959-1961
  • On Growing Up 1962
  • Fishing for Fun 1963

Books About Herbert Hoover
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  • Ellis Hawley, Public Papers of the Presidents, Herbert Hoover: Containing the Public Messages, Speeches, and Statements of the President, (4 vols.) Washington, D.C., 1974-1977
  • Allan J. Lichtman, Prejudice and the Old Politics: The Presidential Election of 1928, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1979
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  • Timothy Walch and Dwight M. Miller eds., Herbert Hoover and Harry S. Truman: A Documentary History, Worland, WY, 1992

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