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Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

Books By Woodrow Wilson
  • Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics 1885
  • The State: Elements of Historical and Practical Politics 1889
  • George Washington 1893
  • An Old Master, and Other Political Essays 1893
  • More Literature and Other Essays 1896
  • A History of the American People (5 vols.) 1902
  • President Wilson's Case for thee League of Nations 1923

Books About Woodrow Wilson
  • Lloyd E. Ambrosius, Woodrow Wilson and the American Diplomatic Tradition: The Treaty Fight in Perspective, Cambridge, Eng., 1987
  • Wesley M. Bagby, The Road to Normalcy: The Presidential Campaign and Election of 1920, Baltimore, 1962
  • Thomas A. Bailey, Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal, New York, 1945
  • Ray Stannard Baker, Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters (8 vols.), New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1927-1939
  • Daniel R. Beaver, Newton D. Baker and the American War Effort, 1917-1919, Lincoln, Nebr., 1966
  • Paul Birdsall, Versailles Twenty Years After, New York, 1941
  • Frederick S. Calhoun, Power and Principle: Armed Intervention in Wilsonian Foreign Policy, Kent, Ohio, 1986
  • Frederick S. Calhoun, Uses of Force in Wilsonian Foreign Policy, Kent, Ohio, and London, 1993
  • John D. Clark, The Federal Trust Policy, Baltimore, 1931
  • Robert D. Cuff, The War Industries Board: Business-Government Relations During World War I, Baltimore, 1973
  • Patrick Devlin, Too Proud to Fight: Woodrow Wilson's Neutrality, New York, 1974
  • Inga Floto, Colonel House at Paris, Princeton, N.J., 1980
  • August Heckscher, Woodrow Wilson: A Biography, New York, 1991
  • George E Kerman, The Decision to Intervene, Princeton, N.J., 1958
  • George E Kerman, Russia Leaves the War, Princeton, N.J., 1956
  • Thomas J. Knock, To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order, New York and Oxford, 1992
  • Richard H. Kohn, ed., The United States Military Under the Constitution of the United States, 1789-1989, New York, 1991
  • Earl Latham, ed., The Philosophy and Politics of Woodrow Wilson, Chicago, 1958
  • William M. Leary, Jr., and Arthur S. Link, The Progressive Era and the Great War, 1896-1920, (2d ed.) Arlington Heights, Ill., 1978
  • N. Gordon Levin, Jr., Woodrow Wilson and World Politics: America's Response to War and Revolution, New York, 1968
  • Arthur S. Link, trans. and ed., The Deliberations of the Council of Four (March 24-June 28, 1919): Notes of the Official Interpreter, Paul Mantoux, (2 vols.) Princeton, NJ., 1992
  • Arthur S. Link, Wilson (5 vols.) Princeton, NY: Princeton Univ. Press 1947-66
  • Arthur S. Link, The Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, NJ: Princeton Univ. Press 1966
  • Arthur S. Link, Woodrow Wilson: Revolution, War, and Peace, Arlington Heights, Ill., 1979
  • Arthur S. Link, ed., Woodrow Wilson and a Revolutionary World, 1913-1921, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1982
  • Seward W Livermore, Woodrow Wilson and the War Congress, 1916-1918, Middletown, Conn., 1966
  • Victor S. Mamatey, The United States and East Central Europe, 1914-1919, Princeton, N.J., 1957
  • Ernest R. May, The World War and American Isolation, 1914-1917, Cambridge, Mass., 1959
  • Arno J. Mayer, Political Origins of the New Diplomacy, 1917-1918, New Haven, Conn., 1959
  • Dana G. Munro, Intervention and Dollar Diplomacy in the Caribbean, 1900-1921, Princeton, N.J., 1964
  • Robert K. Murray, Red Scare: A Study in National Hysteria, 1919-1920, Minneapolis, 1955
  • Bert E. Park,Ailing, Aged, Addicted, Lexington, Ky., 1993
  • Bert E. Park, The Impact of Health on World Leaders, Philadelphia, 1986
  • Horace C. Peterson and Gilbert C. Fite, Opponents of War, 1917-1918, Madison, Wis., 1957
  • Robert E. Quirk, An Affair of Honor: Woodrow Wilson and the Occupation of Veracruz, Lexington, Ky., 1962
  • Robert E. Quirk, The Mexican Revolution, 1914-1915: The Convention of Aguascalientes, Bloomington, Ind., 1960
  • Sidney Ratner, Taxation and Democracy in America, New York, 1967
  • Charles Seymour, ed., The Intimate Papers of Colonel House,(4 vols.) Boston, 1926-1928
  • Daniel M. Smith, The Aftermath of War: Bainbridge Colby and Wilsonian Diplomacy, 1920-1921, Philadelphia, 1970
  • Gene Smith, When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson, New York: Morrow, 1964
  • Ralph Stone, The Irreconcilables: The Fight Against the League of Nations, Lexington, Ky., 1970
  • Frank W Taussig, Tariff History of the United States, New York, 1931
  • Edwin Tribble ed., A President in Love: The Courtship Letters of Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Galt, Boston: Houghton, Mifflin 1981
  • Betty Miller Unterberger, America's Siberian Expedition, 1918-1920, Durham, N.C., 1956)
  • Betty Miller Unterberger, The United States, Revolutionary Russia, and the Rise of Czechoslovakia, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1989
  • Stephen Vaughn, Holding Fast the Inner Lines: Democracy, Nationalism, and the Committee on Public Information, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1979
  • Arthur Walworth, Wilson and His Peacemakers: American Diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference, New York: Norton 1986
  • Edwin A. Weinstein, Woodrow Wilson: A Medical and Psychological Biography, Princeton, NJ., 1981
  • H. Parker Willis, The Federal Reserve System, New York, 1923
  • David R. Woodward, Trial by Friendship: Anglo-American Diplomacy, 1917-1918, Lexington, Ky., 1993

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